The Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

Many people want the ease of owning a treadmill in their own home but don’t know where to start or what to look for in the perfect treadmill for them. Here are some key points that you will want to check when shopping around for a treadmill. Remember that your current usage and goals should be factored in when making this purchase as treadmills are meant to last years. Use this treadmill buyer’s guide to help you choose the best treadmill for you.


Treadmills can vary in price from as low as $300 to well over $5,000. Now for the average user you can get a durable machine for under $1,000 which would last a long time and be effective enough. However, there are many different features nowadays for treadmills and that is what mainly drives the price from low to high.

Program Features

Treadmills are now becoming more and more popular in the home therefore many of the home machines now contain the same technology as the commercial ones found in gym’s. Some of the features included are: motor or motor-less (yes there are still motor-less treadmills available), incline, drink holders, preset workouts, grab bars, and music players.

Type of Motor

What most people don’t realize when shopping for a treadmill is how vital the motor is when it comes to personal fitness goals. The motor does most of the work and is the main part that will help you determine durability of a treadmill. One good method of choosing a good motor is to look at the manufacturer warranties, the longer the warranty the higher chance you have of the motor lasting longer. Another thing to look for is the horsepower of the motor. More experienced users will need a higher horsepower as they will most likely be running at faster speeds and for longer periods of time. If you mainly will be walking than a 2 CHP motor will be fine, if jogging you should get a 2.5 CHP motor, and if you consistently run then you should get a 3 CHP motor.

How Frequent and Type of Activity

If you plan on using your treadmill daily then it is imperative to choose a more durable name brand which will be able to withstand the high amount of use. Along with frequency you want to look at the types of preset workouts which come with the treadmill. The well known brands have actual certified trainers create these workouts. Depending on how many different options you have this is a sure way to keep from getting bored with your workouts. Most of the better treadmills contain between 15-25 build in workouts available so make sure they suit you.

Available Space and Location

A big consideration before purchasing a home treadmill is the location on where you would place it and how much available space you have. Location is key because do you want to place it in a basement or in a high traffic area. Space is another issue and even though most home models nowadays come with a folding option you can still lose a decent amount of space. Most people don’t calculate leaving the area around the treadmill clutter free just incase there’s an accident and they happen to fall off.


Since treadmills are a decent priced purchase they usually come with some sort of warranty. Once again you should choose a good warranty and base it on how often you will be using the treadmill. If you are an active daily user then you may want to look into treadmills that offer motor and belt warranties for at least 2 years. For less active users which is most americans then you can get away with just a motor warranty but you want a minimum of a 1 year just to be safe.