Top 18 Superfoods That You Need

Ok, many individuals are trying to feel and look better with the warm weather approaching. Sadly many people believe that you must struggle by eating bland foods just to be nutritious.

However there are many ways to eat healthy with foods that you enjoy. Changing your diet to superfoods that you enjoy will make it much easier to sustain this diet over time and will lead to less illnesses in the future.

Here are some superfood items that you can mix and match into your diet in which I’m sure you will enjoy the taste.

Walnuts in wooden spoon on old,rustic desk


These nuts are filled with a good amino acid called tryptophan which has many benefits and gives you a nice mellow feeling. Walnuts are also packed with proteins and digested slowly which can curve hunger over time and reduce impulse eating.



This vegetable is one of the best sources of the vitamin B9 which is folic acid or folate. This can help with increasing your mood and making you feel more positive during the day and overall feel better.

spring garlic

Spring Garlic:

This type of garlic has a sweeter taste than the normal garlic you normally purchase in stores and contains allicin which is what gives garlic its distinctive smell. Allicin is also beneficial because it stimulates satiety in the brain which may help keep you from overeating. I wouldn’t say eat this plain but it can go good in salads or on a sandwich.



Also known as beans to most people. Beans surprisingly make your body work to break down the fiber which increases your metabolism (hence burning calories to break down food). There also also a good amount of protein and the fiber helps with digestion.



This vegetable is well known as being a good source of iron which helps fuel our muscles with oxygen from increased red blood cell production. Best thing is all you need is 1 cup/day of spinach and you can be on your way to increased energy and productivity throughout the day.



This is another great set of vegetables which can give you an energy boost. This specific one contains lots of magnesium which is a vital mineral for helping with over 300 bodily reactions with a main one being energy generation. A research study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that the majority of people do not get enough magnesium through their diet. In essence their body is working much harder than it should be which makes us tire easily.



Who loves to eat fish? Well salmon is full of omega 3’s which greatly benefit skin cells by blocking UV induces enzymes that damage collagen (which is the main cause of those stubborn age lines and saggy skin). As most also may know salmon has a nice amount of protein as well and is categorized as a lean meat.



This fruit is also great for the skin like salmon because it contains many antioxidants which help repair damaged skin. They also have a good amount of vitamin C which also helps combat those stubborn wrinkles and helps with healing of wounds to the skin such as acne or cuts. Another unique use it to use them as a facial because they are a natural exfoliant. The best part about strawberries is that they taste delicious and can be added to many things such as salads, shakes, or even be eaten alone.



This breakfast staple can be healthy when eaten in moderation. Eggs help with memory because they contain a good amount of choline which your body uses to make acetylcholine (a chemical vital for storing memories and other neurological functions). Just remember don’t overeat eggs trying to increase memory because they will lead you to high cholesterol which can cause blockage of arteries.



Another great fruit to help with memory are blueberries. There was a study in which participants drank blueberry juice for 3 months straight (about 2 cups per day) and they showed to make vast improvements on memory learning tests compared to a placebo test. The chemical that allows this to happen is an antioxidant called anthocyanins. They work by increasing signals among brain cells which in the end enhance memory and learning.



Most people know pumpkins for celebrating Halloween, however they are very nutritious fruits and have many health benefits for the heart, skin, and bones. The main nutrients from this fruit is beta-carotene along with potassium. The potassium helps maintain healthy bones along with helping regulate (lower) blood pressure. The beta-carotene is a type of antioxidant which helps maintain healthy and glowing skin and even helps reduce the risk of arthritis.



One great feature of oats is how it can help battle high cholesterol while balancing blood sugar. Oats are also one of the top sources of fiber which is why it is recommended for breakfast. This is a great alternative to a sugary cereal in the morning and you can even add fruit such as bananas in a bowl as your daily morning routine.

Red bell pepper

Red Bell Pepper:

Here is a quick tip that most of you won’t know. Red bell peppers have over 2x the amount of vitamin C compared to an orange. As I stated earlier vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant which helps keep skin clear and helps keep blood vessels strong and sturdy. Vitamin C is also very useful in boosting the immune system. Red bell peppers also contain 2 other important antioxidants known as lycopene and beta-carotene which help support eye function. This is a great low calorie vegetable that is high in nutrients and goes well with many different foods such as salads, sandwiches, and more.


Dark Chocolate:

In moderation this type of chocolate which contains at least 70% cocoa contains strong antioxidant benefits. Dark chocolate is also rich in flavonoids which help with blood flow and manage blood pressure. It also has mood boosting benefits which aren’t scientifically understandable but when subjects were tested their brain activity showed increase in happy moods while eating this chocolate.



Pistachios contain protein, heart healthy fats, and fiber which make them a high quality type of nut. It has plant compounds known for lowering LDL’s (the bad cholesterol). They are also very low in calories by having just 3.3 calories per nut.



1 can of sardines contain as many omega 3 fatty acids as 1 salmon. This is also a very plentiful fish because there are so many in the sea so cultivating them aren’t hurting the environment. The high amount of protein and low pricing almost makes them a steal if you are dieting on a budget (which most of us are). The bones are also soft which give a hefty dose of calcium as well. This a very cheap and effective type of fish.


Sweet Potatoes:

These vegetables are full of alpha and beta carotenes. This is an important compound because the body uses them to create vitamin A which is important for healthy eyes, bones, and immune functions. Also contained in sweet potatoes are phytochemicals which serve as antioxidants to help clear disease causing agents within the body.



Most people know that broccoli is an amazing vegetable with very low calories and high nutrition ratio. Broccoli contains vitamins K, A, and C in high amounts. Isothiocyanate is another chemical found inside broccoli which is suspected to help reduce chances of cancer cells from forming by stimulating the body’s natural detoxifying enzymes.