acetylcholine supplements

Why You May Need Acetylcholine Supplements

acetylcholine supplements

How The Body Uses Acetylcholine:

The body uses acetylcholine as a way to send nerve signals from one end to the other. Another major use of acetylcholine is that it releases sodium which causes muscle contractions in the body. This is important for major body systems including the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and even the urinary system.

One of the major studies that include acetylcholine levels are the ones that include short term memory. It was discovered that as you age the amount of acetylcholine in your body naturally decreases. One of the worst types of cognitive diseases known as Alzheimer’s disease is caused by low levels of acetylcholine (sometimes as much as 80% lower than normal). It is believed that once the acetylcholine levels drop then the nerve cells which used the chemical previously quickly die out which leads to further deterioration in thought processes and behavior which normally occur in Alzheimer’s patients.

How Does Acetylcholine Deficiency Occur:

There are many different factors that can cause acetylcholine levels to tank within the body. The major cause is by NOT eating a balanced diet. Some other major factors include fatty liver, marathon runner, daily alcohol use, and vegetarians. For the people that cannot eat a well balanced diet acetylcholine supplements are recommended. With the increase of availability, buying supplements online is pretty manageable nowadays.

Benefits of Acetylcholine Supplements and How To Increase Levels:

The benefits of normal acetylcholine levels are mainly pointed towards better cognitive function, specifically short term memory. Some sources include lecithin, citicoline, Alpha GPC, choline bitartrate, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, and most importantly food sources.

As we age it is normal to have a decrease in acetylcholine levels but that does not mean you can’t increase your intake of this very important chemical to survival.

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