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Homemade Smoothies That Even Kids Love

homemade smoothies

Ok so it seems there is a homemade smoothies wave going around in which everyone is sharing their amazing smoothie recipes with their friends. Since I am in the fitness mix I will join the wave and discuss some ideas about homemade smoothies.

One major demographic of people who are incorporating smoothies into their daily lives are moms, especially moms whose kids don’t eat enough veggies or fruit daily. Research has shown that kids are 56% more likely to get their recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables when eaten in smoothie form.

Smoothies are also very economical in the sense that you will usually grind up the entire fruit instead of just removing the juice. The skin of most fruits are high in fiber which is excellent for helping with the digestive system. The fiber helps eliminate waste efficiently.

So now it’s time to talk about what you will use to make your homemade smoothies depending on your taste and goals. If you like creamy smoothies then you definitely want to add milk and/or yogurt (be sure to use soy milk or low fat milk to reduce calories if you wish). Another healthy alternative is honey instead of sugar.

Now most people will be down for making smoothies with fruits but did you know a combination of fruits and vegetables is an easy way to get those green leafy vegetables down the hatch. Some of the main vegetables I have heard of being used consists of carrots, celery, cabbage, spinach, and even broccoli.

When it comes to kids parents have become extremely creative as a lot of kids are picky eaters. Some mixes that are popular for kids include chocolate flavors along with using dessert ice creams.

When it comes to adults who aren’t into vegetables sometimes adding a little alcohol (keyword little bit) is a good way to have a casual kickback. I have even heard stories of coffee being added to smoothies as a way to boost you up in the morning times.

So as you now know there are many different ways to create the ultimate smoothie. It all depends on your liking but it is a great way to increase your health in a non boring way. You can now start experimenting with different mixes or you can check out this smoothie recipe book “Sensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously”.

I will admit it took a while on my own to figure out how to make a great smoothie so I decided to try the smoothie recipe book because it was filled with like 180+ recipes. They are also categorized such as diet smoothies, fruit smoothies, breakfast smoothies, dessert smoothies, and more. The majority of the smoothies contain ingredients that are in your local food store. Read more about the recipe book here:

Sensational Smoothies