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Have You Tried The Mayo Clinic 3 Day Weight Loss Diet?


The Mayo Clinic 3 Day Weight Loss diet has been specifically designed to remove weight fast to help patients with heart problems who were due to enter surgery soon. There was a 3 day time limit set based on the fact that doctors usually couldn’t wait more than 3 days to perform open heart surgery and needed the patient to lose as much weight as possible prior to the operation.

However once this diet became popular many people including actors and models starting using this diet to get ready for award shows, weddings, photo shoots, etc. I’ve read stories where people have lost upwards to 6 pounds during the 3 day period they tried this diet. I also want to add that some people have even used this in other instances such as starting another weight loss program.

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Now the secret to the Mayo Clinic diet is the fact that you eat a portion of grapefruit at EVERY MEAL. The reason for this is that grapefruits contain many helpful enzymes that aid in digestion and activate fat burning processes in the body. This is why every meal starts off with the grapefruit first.

The rest of the diet involves restricting certain foods such as bread, white/sweet potatoes, sugar, pasta, and most dairy products including cheese. You will still eat 3 meals per day but there will be no snacking allowed. This combination will help accelerate your body’s metabolism and increase the flushing of excess fluids and toxins from the body.

It is suggested to start each meal with at least half a grapefruit and if you don’t have the fresh fruit then drink 4 ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice as we don’t want to take in the extra sugar from the sweetened version. Only opt out for the grapefruit juice if there is no way to get your hands on the actual fruit as the real fruit is always more beneficial.

Breakfast should consist of about 2 bacon slices and about 2 eggs. Lunch will consist of any type of lean meat along with a salad (don’t add a lot of dressing). Dinner will consist of any type of lean meat but with a side of vegetables. Remember to not starve yourself by eating too little during lunch and dinner as that will slow your metabolism and ruin the main component of this diet which is increased metabolism.

That’s about it when it comes to the 3 day Mayo Clinic diet. Now as this diet is used for quick weight loss it is recommended to not go overboard and stick to this diet for weeks at a time. Hope you guys enjoyed this share and if it worked for you spread it to your friends who are in need of help as well.

View The Mayo Clinic Diet on Amazon