Weight Loss

Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Excessive stomach fat may cause harmful and detrimental impact to your health, self-esteem and self-image. There are no shortcuts on how to quickly get rid of stomach fat but this guide will give you important things to consider in helping you eliminate excess fat effectively. With discipline, hard work, workouts and a healthy diet, you can achieve great results.

Essential Foods to Eat

Eating nutritious foods doesn’t actually mean that you have to forget those delicious and mouth-watering dishes. If you are not aware, there are a lot of foods that are both healthy and delicious while keeping your stomach flat and sexy. They can essentially help you in getting rid of fat development in your belly. Make sure to incorporate them in your daily diet.avocado

  • Avocado – it helps in absorbing carotenoids to avoid cancer cells while keeping you from getting stomach fat
  • Banana – potassium helps in eliminating belly-swelling sodium.
  • Yogurt – this helps to promote good bacteria and support your digestive health while stabilizing insulin levels.
  • Berries – they contain antioxidants that improve blood circulation in order for your muscles to get more oxygen while helping you boost your endurance.
  • Chocolate Skim-Milk – this is an excellent post-workout drink to get quick recovery for your muscles because of mixed proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Green Tea – drinking 3 cups of green tea per day revs up metabolism while the ECGC compound burns fat.
  • Citrus – oranges and even bell peppers promote fat burning to 30% in times of workout period.
  • Whole Grains – fiber keeps your insulin level low which prevents you from storing excess fats as well as sugars and these results to long-lasting energy and burned fat.

Regular Abdominal Workout

This workout targets your core muscles, tightens your abdominals and gives you a flatter and smaller stomach. You can perform at least 2 sets of the following exercise twice every week to get rid of stomach fat while building abdominal muscle.

Lunge Twist

  1. Align your feet width same as your hip width then slightly bend your knees while your elbows are at ninety-degree angles.
  2. Lunge forward the right leg and rotate your arms as well as your torso on the right manner.
  3. Rotate your torso and arms quickly back while pushing off your right foot on the starting position.
  4. Perform sixteen sets and swap between your left and right side.

Step Hop

  1. Your feet width should be aligned with your hip width while slightly bending your knees. On the hips, place your hands right there.
  2. Put right foot forward while lifting left knee exactly same level as you hip and hop straight using your right leg.
  3. Land on both feet while your knees are slightly bent.
  4. Perform sixteen sets while alternating between left and right.

Shot Put

  1. Keep both feet aligned with your hip and bend right elbow while hand is on your ear. Place left arm on similar level of your shoulders.
  2. Lunge right with your leg while rotating your torso on right motion.
  3. Push right foot and pivot on the left.
  4. Extend right arm diagonally just like you are throwing one shot.
  5. Perform sixteen sets while alternating on both sides.

The above exercises are just a few examples that you can do to avoid excess belly fat. Knowing that your midsection can be a bothersome area, losing weight will need a lot of effort from you. Once you have accumulated stomach fat, it creates more fat cells which only shrink. However you can always slim your belly fat down with some lifestyle changes.

Eating the right food will also help you get rid of stomach fat efficiently. Fresh fruits, vegetables as well as fish are best recommended while taking more fluid for the overall health of your body. Your fat loss effort WILL be more effective with nutritious foods incorporated into your daily diet. Soybeans are one way to help prevent fat-absorption while citrus fruits burn fat effectively.

Foods to Avoid

Caffeine and alcohol are just some of the offenders. Such substances retain water within your body that usually accumulates in your gut. If you avoid them, expect to lose bloat and water weight. Complex carbs such as bread and pasta should be avoided because they are tough to be processed and leave fats behind the body.

In conclusion the best way is to perform crunches whenever you wake up in the morning or even at night before your go to sleep as this promotes toned muscles. When the stomach fat is eliminated, expect to get toned abs. when you follow the above mentioned tips, you are sure to achieve your fitness goals and get rid of stomach fat in an efficient way.