Weight Loss

Do Waist Trainers Actually Work?


Have you heard the recent buzz about waist trainers/waist belts? Have you thought about getting one but wasn’t sure if it a hoax? Well today I will give you an insight on what these “waist trimming” products actually do for you.

OK to start this off I will give the examples that the makers of these waist trainers claim their product does. Supposedly you will sweat much more (to lose weight), eat less, and have better posture.

Now let’s get to some facts… Sweating excessively will make you lose water weight so don’t count that as the waist trainer working because you will gain that weight back as soon as you re-hydrate yourself by drinking enough water.

For the eating part, I will have to agree that you will eat less and this is because you will have something tight around your stomach and there won’t be much space for your stomach to expand so you will eat less to reduce chances of increasing pain.

Last but not least the claim that your posture will become better is correct because these products when fitted properly will keep you from slouching and curving your spine.

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Okay so now it’s time to answer the question everyone wants an answer to. DOES IT WORK?

Yes waist trainers do help you lose weight, eat less, and gives you better posture. BUT WAIT… It is not a magic device that works in the way most companies will claim it does. However it works more mentally which helps motivate the user to live a much healthier lifestyle.

Let me explain this logic. When you lose those first few pounds you will be happy and motivated to keep working out. The 2nd hardest part for most people is trying to exercise consistently so just by wearing the waist trainer you will be mentally tricked into exercising consistently.

When it comes to eating less if you consistently wear the device while eating you will learn how much you overeat on a regular basis and will usually opt for a smaller meal. Along with losing weight you are most likely going to be eating a healthier diet as well. This is the #1 hardest part when trying to lose weight but with your mind being tricked it makes dieting much easier.

Like I said earlier your posture will become much better because you won’t really be able to slouch when wearing your waist trainer. The proof of this is how people with spine curvature such as scoliosis get back braces custom made that they are forced to wear in order to help aline the spine in a more straight line.

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Since the mind is a very strong motivator wouldn’t you agree that wearing the waist trainer will help you lose weight, eat less and healthier, and correct posture. Now if you already have strong willpower and can do all of the above without the waist trainer then you will be just fine as long as you don’t slack off.

So for the people who need some motivation and help in order to direct themselves in a more fit and healthy lifestyle I would recommend wearing a waist trainer/waist belt to help negate your bad habits until you are confident and ready to live healthy without it.

My last tip would be to make sure that you adjust the waist trainer to a tightness that is bearable as some people go overboard and then it can become dangerous and overtime cause organs to shift.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!