Weight Loss

Boost Your Energy And Metabolism By Drinking This Tomorrow Morning







If you are trying to get rid of an extra 5-15 pounds then you are going to love this little morning tip. Let me explain how to boost your energy and metabolism below.

There has been an increased use of the combo of MCT oil and coffee that people have used to increase metabolism. The main problem with this is that it gives a good amount of people an upset stomach. This is usually due to people not being used to the MCT oil but it can also be due to the coffee if you don’t drink that often as well.

However there is an alternative with even better results which doesn’t include the upset stomach or other terrible symptoms. It will even allow you to make it till lunch without being extremely hungry. The rewards include increased metabolism along with energy and a better sense of focus within the mind.

The best part about this is that you can make it in under 1 minute. Start off by heating up a cup of water and blending the following ingredients into that cup.

matcha green tea


Green Tea is the first ingredient (1-2 teaspoons), but I’m talking about the Matcha version which is only grown in Japan. This specific version has 3x the antioxidants compared to the next best. This ingredient accelerates body fat breakdown, prevents fat accumulation, and speeds up metabolism.

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The next ingredient is cacao bean (1 tablespoon) which is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Cacao bean contains healthy fats and minerals to boost your metabolism and it is usually known for making chocolate so satisfying to eat.

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ground cinnamon


Ingredient number 3 is cinnamon (1 teaspoon) because of its ability to reduce blood sugar which lowers insulin. If you didn’t know insulin is the #1 hormone which signals your body to store carbs which creates fat. Cinnamon also lowers LDL’s which is known as the bad cholesterol.

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The final ingredient is vanilla extract (1 teaspoon). Now I’m not talking about the imitation version so make sure you read the label properly when grocery shopping. Vanilla extract will boost your brain with its powerful aromatic compounds which in essence sooth your mind. It contains vanilloids which reduce inflammation in the brain.

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Now with this new cocktail you can start your days off the right way. However the effects of this mix won’t last all day. To upgrade your metabolism and increase energy for the entire day learn about which foods trigger your body to do so.

Eat these foods to have increased metabolism and energy for the entire day.