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The best ways to reduce bloating efficiently

Bloating is something that most people will experience at some point in their life. Lifestyle changes are required to help prevent it from occurring but thankfully there are supplements that can have more immediate relief. Here is how to reduce bloating efficiently.

Bloating happens primarily in the abdomen and forces you to feel full and tight. Common causes are due to gas buildups.

Because bloating causes pain and is not aesthetically pleasing I will provide you tips in reducing bloating quickly and how to prevent bloating in the future.

To begin solving your bloating issue you need to determine the cause. Categorize it into either digestive issues, diet, or hormonal changes. This will help you choose which tips will benefit you most.

Take a walk

Digestion is better regulated with physical activity. This helps reduce bloating by releasing excess stool an/or gas. Common symptoms this is beneficial for includes constipation.

Perform yoga

Many yoga poses help aid in gastric motility by flexing of the abdominal muscles to expel gas from within the GI tract. Some poses to try include the Downward facing dog, Upward facing dog, Knees to chest, Child’s pose, and deep breathing exercises.

Try peppermint

Peppermint has long been used in helping treat indigestion. There are many different forms for ingesting peppermint but the most common for bloating include oil capsules and teas. The peppermint works by causing the intestinal muscles to relax which aids passing of gas and stool. The major bonus to peppermint is that it is viewed as a natural aid to digestion.

Gas relief capsules

Simethicone is a drug ingredient found in the major gas relief drugs. It works by changing surface tension within the GI tract and allows the bubbles to combine which makes them easier to pass. These drugs are found over the counter and are household names such as Gas-X and Mylanta. Remember to not overuse these medications and to follow the instructions on the label.

Massage to abdomen

Abdominal massages can help direct movement throughout intestines if you follow its natural path. You can begin at the right hip bone and massage in a clockwise motion and repeating until relief is obtained. Make sure to adjust from light to deep pressure and if any sharp pains are felt then you should discontinue the massage and report symptoms to your Primary care Physician.

Have a warm bath and soak

Increased heat surrounding the abdomen while soaking in a warm bath can help speed up the movement of gases through the digestive system while also providing soreness relief.

Increase fiber intake

Fiber helps with bloating by helping create bulk within the digestive system which moves smoothly from beginning to end. However you must begin slow and work your way to higher dosages so that your body can naturally adjust.

You must also remember to not overdo the fiber as it can have a reverse effect and cause constipation and bloating.

Image result for drink water

Water helps create movement of food throughout the GI tract as compared to carbonated drinks which can cause gas to build up within stomach. The sugars from these drinks also can cause further bloating once digested. By replacing carbonated drinks with water you can eliminate a major cause of bloating. Over 50% of people suffering from bloating do not consume enough water daily.

Stay away from chewing gum

First off the sugars in alcohol when digested will create gases that can build up and contribute to bloating. But the bigger issue with chewing gum is that it often leads to swallowing air inadvertently and can cause further bloating. A peppermint candy is recommended if you are wanting to freshen your breath as it has gas reducing properties as well.

Eat more frequent meals

Many people have reduced bloating when they spread their calories out into smaller portions of food. Large meals often cause bloating. Do you ever remember a time you ate so much food you felt you could barely breathe? That is exactly what happens when you don’t give your body time to digest the meal.

The smaller meals allow your body time to move the food through the digestive system much easier. Try 4-5 smaller meals and see if it helps improve your current bloating problems after meals.

Give probiotics a try

Inside your gut there are good and bad bacteria. Probiotics help accumulate the good bacteria which help break down the bad stuff such as waste and gas. Now probiotics may not be a fast relief system but they are very good in helping prevent gas buildup.

Create a food diary

Humans are unique in many ways and so what works for one may not work for another. Same goes for foods that cause bloating for some may not be the same for others. This is why a food diary is important especially in the beginning to help you rule out foods that you digest with and without bloating symptoms. This is one of the best prevention methods used currently to assist with reducing bloating symptoms.

Seek medical attention if necessary

One last key to remember about bloating is that it could be your body trying to tell you something else. If you have been having frequent and painful episodes of bloating then you should seek medical attention to rule out a more serious diagnosis.

Chronic bloating can be a sign of liver disease, IBS, cancer, or even heart failure. Be on the safe side and get checked if the previous tips aren’t working and the bloating cannot be controlled.