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AspireAssist – New Weightloss Solution or Bad Idea?


Have you heard of the new weight loss device named AspireAssist which has recently been approved by the FDA. Well if you haven’t let me enlighten you on what this new device does and why it has doctors confused.

Ok so the AspireAssist machine does exactly what its name says, helps assist aspiration. Normally that would sound bad to anyone in the medical field because aspiration is normally a life threatening situation.

However the way this machine works is by having the surgeon place a tube into the stomach that leads to the surface of the abdomen. The reason for this is so that after a patient eats they can then open this valve and aspirate some of their stomach contents into a waste bin or the toilet. Sounds crazy right!!! Well doctors agree with you and believe that this will cause overeating.

One of the main arguments by doctors is that this device is promoting bulimia because it is following the same concept aka clearing the stomach after a large meal. Another big risk with this machine is the risk of infection as with any tube that has an opening from the external environment to the inside of the body. Since there are so many negatives to this equipment some doctors have gotten together to try and sue the company Aspire Bariatrics.

Now in the company’s defense they have stated that the tube is the size of a straw so it simply can’t just suck all of the food out without people chewing their food around 50+ times per mouthful. The trick is that people will get tired of chewing and eventually eat less as well as giving the stomach more time to fill up which gives the full sensation.

There was a clinical trial of 111 people in which the participants were losing up to 30% of the calories they ate through the Aspire Assist machine. To get this device you must have a BMI of 35-55.

The critics still disagree that this machine is helpful in the long run because the patients won’t be changing their eating habits so if the tube was ever removed the majority of people would gain the weight back in no time.

Does this seem like a good idea or do you think this is one of the worst weight loss inventions ever created like I do.