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8 Foods That Pack a Punch in Nutritional Value

If you are like everyone else then you are seeking alternative ways to eat healthy foods with high nutritional value. What makes it hard you may ask?

Well the answer is that most delicious foods are terrible in nutritional value while also being an excess of calories.

Since eating healthy involves eating the right amount of calories in a day you want to receive the most nutrients with the lowest amount of calories possible (enough to maintain health).

Today I will show you a selection of foods that will allow you to gain optimal nutrition without going over your daily calorie limit.

Chicken Breast:


Chicken Breast is the first food I chose because it is low in fat but full of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of your body and are extremely important to your body’s daily functions such as building muscle.

Chicken breast have around 85% of its calories come from protein so you can see how it is very nutritional for increasing protein intake.

Since protein builds muscle and we all know that more muscles increase metabolism eating chicken breasts help in burning calories.


eggsEggs are also high in protein, however most people usually eat eggs at breakfast time. The benefit here is that many people skip breakfast and end up overeating throughout the day. Eating eggs at breakfast will help push you through the day because of how fulfilling the protein is.

Eggs are also known for having low calories with a lot of healthy fats. These fats also aid with daily body functions and are good for your skin as well.

Another benefit from eggs are its exceptional vitamin value which includes vitamins A, B, D, and E. These vitamins are also necessary for daily body functions and benefit the skin, immune system, eyes and more.


salmonSalmon is another great food which contains healthy fats and high amounts of protein. However its major benefit is omega-3 fatty acids which is the best fat for heart health.

Now not everyone likes the “fishy” taste that salmon gives off so you can try alternative species of fish such at herring or trout.

Dairy Milk:

milkDairy Milk has high amounts of calcium which is by far the most important mineral for maintaining strong teeth and bones.

Best part is all you need is 1 glass of milk a day for it to have all its great benefits.

If you are lactose intolerant then you may not want to drink milk but a great alternative is Greek Yogurt. Why I recommend specifically Greek Yogurt is because it has less sugar than most yogurts while containing about double the amount of protein of regular yogurt.

Can you tell how important protein is to your diet yet?


shrimpIf fish isn’t your thing then you can use shrimp or other shellfish to suffice your omega-3 fatty acids. However shellfish are a great source of zinc which is an important mineral to maintain immune function.

There are also so many ways to cook shellfish that I’m sure you will find or have already found a recipe that you enjoy.


almondsAlmonds are a great snack that are high in healthy fats and proteins for being on the go or just enjoying in between meals.


oatsOats are one of the healthiest types of food known to man, the problem is that they are also plain in taste. Don’t be alarmed though because there are many ways to mix oats to make it delicious such as in your greek yogurt or oatmeal.

Oats decrease the risk of heart disease greatly, control blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, benefit digestion, benefit the immune system function, and reduce the risk of getting diabetes.


kaleAs we all know leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli contain multiple health benefits. Guess what kale is the best in this entire group.

Kale contains vitamins such as vitamin A, C, K.

If you aren’t a salad person then you can add kale to a burger, smoothie, soup, or even an omelet with your eggs in the morning to jump start your morning.

Just remember when it comes to indulging in foods for a healthy diet to not over eat and to mix it up as variety is key to promoting health. Try different cooking methods to have a long list of healthy recipes to cook for yourself or family and friends.